The Port of Klaksvík

Towering above the entrance to the harbour of Klaksvík is the pyramid mountain on the impressive island of Kunoy, and around the well-sheltered bay and harbour, the dwellings are beautifully spread on the hillsides.

Klaksvík has all the comforts of a modern town. The town has a vibrant music scene and an active, amateur theatre group.

Many well-known Faroese painters and artists come from Klaksvík as well. All kinds of sports are popular including football, handball, volleyball, swimming and Faroese boat racing.

You can take a boat trip on the picturesque mail boat, connecting the remote islands Fugloy and Svínoy to the outside world, whatever the weather. These kinds of boats were featured in the Lonely Planet guidebook, much to everyones's deligth and amazement.

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Klaksvíkar Havn
Vestara Bryggja, Box 26
FO-700 Klaksvík
Faroe Islands

Tel. +298 455081