Port facilities

Port facilities 

Access to airport 1 hour away with regular flights to Denmark, Norway, Scotland, Iceland and Greenland.

There is excellent anch orage with a firm sea bed and a depth of 35-45 metres on the well sheltered Pollurin (Roads), in the lee of Kunoy Island.  Distance from the harbour is 800 metres.

The main entrance to the Port of Klaksvík is from the NW between Kunoy and Klakkur. Thanks to the effects of nature, the harbour is the safest and best sheltered in the Faroe Islands. The approach to the harbour is very good and the sailing route from both north and south is deep and clearly marked.  There are no restrictions and the harbour is ice-free all year round.

Fuel and diesel are available from Shell and Statoil at the Fuel Quay and from road tankers at all piers throughout the harbour area.

Latitude: 620 14´ N, Longitude: 0060 35´ W

Medical facilities: 
A modern 40 bed hospital is located in Klaksvík with a medical and surgical department, and furthermore a special department for orthopedic surgery.

Radio information 24-hour VHF communications: Channels 12 and 16.  

Pilot age: 
Pilot age is not compulsory but is available on request from the Harbour

Port agent:
Kjølbro wholesale, +298 471111, mobile: +298 232013.

Stores, bunkers, repairs, bonded stores, clearance, local custom office.

Ship Repair: 
The shipyard has a slipway with a capacity up to 800 tonnes and all types of facilities are available, including modern mechanical and electronic workshops.

There are 48,000 square metres of open storage, 10,000 cubic metres of cool storage and 24,000 cubic metres of cold storage.

The local tidal range is 1.2 metres maximum, and does not hinder or influence port operations.

Waste disposal services are available on request from the Port Authority.  

Fresh water and electricity are available at all piers from the shore installations. Provisions, ice and salt are all available.